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The rite showed his jealousy and showed him. `` Because you are special. '' "Special?" What is this ghost forgotten? `` I already want you so much, and when I start talking to you, I can't control my heart. '' His words were becoming an unknown mystery. `` What can't you control? '' As usual, he asked him to ask honestly what he did not know. What can't you restrain? This is it. '' Jean bowed and put his lips to her lips. And carefully savored. Touching her with her tongue and teeth like a lip shape, her lips opened with a sweet moan. Wong didn't miss and swallowed her by pushing her tongue into her mouth. `` I can't stand the desire to have you. '' She squeezed her lips for a moment and hugged her to head to her bedroom. `` You made me like this. I can't control myself anymore. '' She put her on the bed and began to take off the young clothes that sat on her.  Every time the