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The rite showed his jealousy and showed him.

`` Because you are special. ''


What is this ghost forgotten?

`` I already want you so much, and when I start talking to you, I can't control my heart. ''

His words were becoming an unknown mystery.

`` What can't you control? ''

As usual, he asked him to ask honestly what he did not know.

What can't you restrain? This is it. ''

Jean bowed and put his lips to her lips. And carefully savored.
Touching her with her tongue and teeth like a lip shape, her lips opened with a sweet moan.
Wong didn't miss and swallowed her by pushing her tongue into her mouth.

`` I can't stand the desire to have you. ''

She squeezed her lips for a moment and hugged her to head to her bedroom.

`` You made me like this. I can't control myself anymore. ''

She put her on the bed and began to take off the young clothes that sat on her.
 Every time the clothes fell off her body, his lips and tongue hovered around. My whole body is
I eagerly wanted him and could feel the trembling.
Now she had no intention of denying that she was also physically attracted to him.
It felt so natural for them to make love because he wanted to and she wanted him too.
Suddenly they were entangled and craved each other naked
Miru felt his hand in a secret place and settled down with tension and anticipation.

"OK. I'll be careful. I will never hurt you. ''

He grasped the chest with both hands and caressed the nipples with his thumb. He buried her face in her nape and gently sucked it.

`` Of course, it's the first time and it'll hurt. But I'm ... 」

As he felt one of his hands descend down to identify the wet woman, she was dazed.
What did this guy say?

`` I'll soften you as much as possible so that you don't suffer ... ''

As soon as he settled on his knees with his legs open, Miru was awakened.

Now this man knows I'm a virgin! Oh my god!

-Our boss can't stand it unless it's perfect. I can't even look dirty. I never use anyone's stuff.
It's the best or it doesn't wear it.

The words of the synagogue came to mind, and the rite jumped up. And he got out of his arms and got out of bed.


Not yet out of the heat, Cheng could not easily grasp her behavior.
Suddenly, the rite that came out of his arms was holding some clothes
Her body still wanted her to swell and burst.

`` What are you kidding me about? ''

Unpleasant desires snarled at her, ignoring her throbbing body.

`` You're a kid? No, am I a woman who dare to play with you?
I just realized before you were late that you and I shouldn't do this. ''

The beauty, wearing panties and bra, spit out bitterly, putting her arm on the blouse.

`` What did you do? ''

She stared at her lips.

`` Yes, you did this! You and I are nothing. But this is not the right thing anyway. ''

`` Are you right now? ''

"Yes. I'm glad you either got up before it was too late? Good night, fake dumb god! 」

Rites quickly opened the door and left before the tears fell into his eyes. I grabbed the clothes I couldn't wear.

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Chapter 11

Holy shit! Shen swept his head roughly and jumped out of bed and headed for a visit.
Just stopping his hand to grab the doorknob, he spit again. What did you try to get into her room now?
She made him an unscrupulous guy who even tried to rape and ran away to her room.

It's like a bad girl! Jean was getting naked and angry at the bathroom.
I went into the shower booth, turned on cold water, stood on the wall, cooled down, and thought about it a while ago.
I couldn't figure out why Rite suddenly changed his attitude. So I didn't know it was going crazy.
I don't know how to change my mind so I'll cope with it!

What is the problem? Apparently she also responded to his touch and showed an active gesture of wanting him.
Still, his mind reminded me of the enthusiastic winds of his body, and even turning the cold water over did not work. You're like a damn old lady!
Maybe it's a hobby to tease a man like that, but this time I picked the wrong one!

After the shower was dripping down the shower booth, he decided to take the towel out of the chest of drawers and wipe it roughly.
Okay, if you enjoy this type of game, I'll match it.
Let's see who wins! By the way, I wanted to sleep tonight.
I didn't want to lie on the bed where that little witch smelled.
Perhaps you'll have the urge to break her door and rush in.

But here, she could soothe herself, saying she couldn't lose her here, and that she couldn't help her until she changed her habit.
Unknowingly, however, she picked up the pillow she had slept and slept.
The scent of the clear blue water only fascinated his nose and only regretted his thirst.
She slipped out of his arms like water that she could never hold.

Barely returning to his room with a trembling body, Bae threw out the clothes he was holding and fell to bed.
As if stepping into the entrance to hell, the heart of the man who escaped dramatically, lamented his folly.

-Did you want it in my arms?


The ringing sound, like the hallucinations, screamed, with her ears closed.

-Funny! How are you different from a whore? They're in the arms of men hoping for a price. Money.
It would be different if you just coveted my wife, not money. is not it?

"it's not like that! I'm not a whore ...

Mirim swallowed his mouth with fists.

Do you think I'll marry a poor farmer's daughter like you? Don't say it!
Who are you trying to catch?
love? Do not be ridiculous! Do you think I'll really love you because you're a little prettier

Even now, ten years ago, the man's grim face was vivid.
He grabbed his stomach, bleeding, and even the envelope of money he threw over her on the floor.

Even fasting to persuade a stubborn father not to send his only youngest daughter to a university in Seoul.
The rite had fulfilled his will. She was a 20-year-old country virgin who went to college in Seoul
Still unable to take off the gangti was teased around.
Misery came as she began to give her heart to the club seniors who warmly wrapped and cared for her.

Naive, she accepted his love confession as a proposal and was ashamed when he wanted her.
I was willing to give chastity because I believed that I would be.
For half a year, she hung out with him who was busy getting dressed right away without satisfying her pain.

Every time she met, she was only interested in her body. And the man who turned away if he fulfilled his purpose.
She's really in love
I firmly believed and lived in illusion. You have to understand because you are studying to accomplish big things.
Mirim believed that if he passed only he would change.

It didn't take long for her fantasies to break.
Before that winter, I found out he was seeing other women
After that, he declared a breakup. The rude can't because he already has his child
I would forgive his affair that I did not. I begged you to marry me. But he kicked her belly and spit out cruel words
Left her bleeding with a bag of money and left.

The naive virgin who gave her chastity to a man who loved herself
With an aborted child, he 부산아로하 disappeared from the world forever. That love doesn't exist, the filthy feeling of lust
At a very young age, she realized that it was an upside down fault, and she no longer believed in men.

"Fool! Foolish idiot life nerd!

Rather, sitting up in bed, the ritual clenched his head with a fist and made a loud noise.

`` I'm glad I stopped in time.

As I scolded myself, I felt even dizzy fear. If you went to the end with him ...
If he knew she wasn't a virgin ...?

`` Oh, wasn't she a virgin? I'm just a girl who throws a light body like you. Do we have anything we didn't have?

Maybe I said this. The mystery murmured out what he might have said and burst into laughter.
No, he doesn't politely scream. Without doubt